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Scheduled Maintenance:


We have many customers inquiring if they have to return to their dealer for scheduled maintenance, we hope this clarifies the situation.


Automotive manufacturers do NOT mandate that you return to an authorized dealer for scheduled maintenance.  However they strongly recommend it for the following reasons:


·         Quick lube or other oil change outlets are "not warranty" approved by the O.E.M.'s (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

·         Dealers use O.E.M parts, designed for your vehicle.

·         Most dealers price their oil changes to be competitive with quick lube outlets.

·         Your dealer will inspect your vehicle during an oil change to ensure its safe operation.  Quick lubes typically perform the oil change and send you on your way.

·         Any issue discovered during an oil change can be addressed usually during the same visit.  

·         Any failure of a part or a labor process that is the result of maintenance performed by a non-authorized outlet is NOT covered by your manufacturer's warranty.  This has proven to be very costly to many owners.

·         Dealers keep records of your maintenance to support a warranty repair should it be required.  If you cannot support scheduled maintenance, your warranty may be denied.

·         Quick lubes do oil changes. They do not support the manufacturer's complete scheduled maintenance program.  Some of the "upsell" maintenance they offer do NOT follow the manufacturer's processes.  As well additives used are not manufacturer recommended.

·         Once your warranty has expired, the manufacturer/dealer has no further obligations to component failures.  In certain instances, either the manufacturer or the dealer may offer some form of "GOODWILL" outside the warranty parameters.  The 1st thing both groups look at to consider this possible assistance is where the vehicle has been maintained.  No consideration is ever given whereby scheduled maintenance has been performed by a-non authorized repair outlet.

·         Dealers check for both safety and customer satisfaction recalls at every appointment.  Quick lube outlets do not have access to this information.

·         Dealers spend a great deal of money yearly to keep their staff trained and up to date on your vehicle.  Once again this is not feasible or practical for quick lubes.


The smart choice for scheduled maintenance for price and quality is your dealer.